Specialize in a law degree that prepares you for a career in a high-demand field.

The Innovation Law Center provides students with the skills and experience to understand the business goals of technology commercialization transactions, facilitate innovation, and understand how intellectual property, corporate, and contract law can be used in creative ways to advance a client’s objective.

This combination of a course concentration and applied learning opportunities within the Syracuse University College of Law’s curriculum focuses on the process of “technology commercialization,” which starts after an inventor develops a new technology and continues the business development process until that product or process is brought to market.

The ability to counsel inventors, entrepreneurs, and start-up businesses on intellectual property matters—such as patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks—and market intelligence is an expertise that is in high demand. Law students with and without science, engineering, or business backgrounds have succeeded in this program.

Law 815 is the course associated with the ILC.

Affiliated Programs

    • The Syracuse Intellectual Property Law Institute (SIPLI) offers several academic courses in patent, copyright, and IP law as a component of the Technology Commercialization Curricular Program.
  • Transactional Law Clinic
    • Affiliated with the Innovation Law Center and the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Law School Clinic Certification Program, the Transactional Law Clinic provides legal services on IP protection, business formation, regulatory compliance, and more to local small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations.