Annie Millar L’18

Subcontracts Administrator, SRC Inc.

Annie Miller

After graduating, how has your career path unfolded?

I began work at a small local litigation firm doing mainly personal injury and medical malpractice defense. After a year, I transitioned to my current role at SRC Inc.

Tell me about where you currently work.

I currently work at SRC Inc., a not-for-profit research and development corporation that works with various government customers in the areas of defense, environment, and intelligence.

Describe the law tasks you perform in your current position.

I am currently in a non-traditional role as a subcontracts administrator. Although my job is J.D. preferred, I am not required to be an attorney. However, I still do various tasks related to legal work, including NDA reviews, contract and subcontract reviews, drafting of license agreements, and working with our IP Steering Committee on various patent, trademark, and trade secret related tasks.

Where do you hope to be in your career five years from now?

I would like to continue in the world of government defense contracting, whether that be on the subcontracts side or contracts side.

What is your favorite memory from law school?

My favorite memory would be traveling to Raleigh, NC, to compete in AAJ Nationals as a member of the National Trial Team.

What was your favorite course during law school? 

My two favorite courses were the innovation law and technology commercialization program and Advanced Criminal Evidence with Professor Gary Kelder.

How has the Innovation Law Center prepared you for your career/current position? 

ILC forced me outside of the traditional legal bubble and helped me focus on other relevant and useful skills, such as client interactions, problem solving, and working closely with others. In my current role, I am in constant contact with other companies and members of my team, as well as regularly receiving questions and requests about problems a more traditional law school course would not equip me to handle.

What does being a member of the SU College of Law alumni community mean to you?

It means I have a network of great people who are always willing to vouch for me and help me further my career.

Outside of your work as a lawyer, what is something you are passionate about? 

I love being active, whether that be fitness classes, hiking, or snowboarding.

What advice do you have for law students looking to enter your field? 

Look outside the traditional legal world for your career. A law firm or a clerkship is not the be-all-and-end-all after law school.